The Raphael Family

I’ve been wanting to share this session with all of you for such a long time, and I haven’t quite known the words to use to tell the story of it. I think the best way I know how to share all of this with you is to let the photos tell the story of this wonderful family.

I feel honoured to have done this shoot with Rochelle and her family. I’m so grateful that Gabriella, her daughter, reached out to me way back last spring - and the careful consideration and love Gabriella poured in to coordinating and choosing every outfit is so evident in every frame. Steve, Rochelle’s husband, supported behind the scenes (I snuck a few frames though), and what struck me shooting this with all of them was how much love, care, and support they had for one another - and especially, how very strong Rochelle was. My dear friend Siobhan from Shiverz Designs created and designed all of the floral crowns, using flowers from her own garden.

I am finally making this post knowing that Rochelle very recently passed away and I know how very deeply she’ll be missed. I want to let you all know about a gofundme campaign started to help with funeral costs and any other needs. Donate to the GoFundMe here.


An 80th Birthday Full of Love! | Chilliwack Birthday Photographer

Loved this bright and colourful backyard birthday party so much! It's loveliness is no surprise when a decor dream team is part of the family - {Simple Soiree}! 

These are absolutely my favourite kinds of events to photograph - just little light filled gatherings, casual portraits, and documentary style capturing, -- and best of all, you could tell that the whole evening was bursting full of love for an amazing woman. 


The Yosts | Chilliwack Family Photographer

I have been photographing this family since I first met Georgia, a million years ago, at our job in a video store. We spent long shifts talking about movies, making jokes, and eating all the candy available in the store, and I've watched her family grow from a family of four to a family of six (plus two adorable kittens). We got together again this fall to shoot in the beautiful Community Forest (off of Annis Road exit) and the light was absolutely perfect. 

You haven't seen pure joy on a child's face until you let them scream "Diarrhea" in the woods several times. Everleigh's cooperation on the shoot is directly related to that. There is also a certain amount of magic that happens when you just let kids squish together and jump up and down and be goofy and ridiculous in the forest - this is something I love doing so much. As a photographer, I'm not much for posing - I love squishing people, making them laugh, and capturing the genuine expressions that result. Sometimes photo shoots are messy, but sometimes the emotion is in the mess.

I'm so thankful to know this great group of people, and looking back through all of my shoots with them, I can't believe so much time has passed so quickly - but I'm grateful for every minute of it.