The Raphael Family

I’ve been wanting to share this session with all of you for such a long time, and I haven’t quite known the words to use to tell the story of it. I think the best way I know how to share all of this with you is to let the photos tell the story of this wonderful family.

I feel honoured to have done this shoot with Rochelle and her family. I’m so grateful that Gabriella, her daughter, reached out to me way back last spring - and the careful consideration and love Gabriella poured in to coordinating and choosing every outfit is so evident in every frame. Steve, Rochelle’s husband, supported behind the scenes (I snuck a few frames though), and what struck me shooting this with all of them was how much love, care, and support they had for one another - and especially, how very strong Rochelle was. My dear friend Siobhan from Shiverz Designs created and designed all of the floral crowns, using flowers from her own garden.

I am finally making this post knowing that Rochelle very recently passed away and I know how very deeply she’ll be missed. I want to let you all know about a gofundme campaign started to help with funeral costs and any other needs. Donate to the GoFundMe here.