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"I'm one of those regular weird people" - Janis Joplin

I love storytelling. I love laughing at ridiculous things and making (really bad) jokes. I love coffee, colour and the first day of summer. I'm married to a pretty wonderful guy named Jamie. We live in a sunshine-filled yellow house covered in knick-knacks, with our cats, Beans & Frankie, and a big backyard apple tree frequented by a curmudgeonly raccoon named Marge.

My background is in Film, Visual Arts and English at UFV, and I recently completed my Masters in Counselling through City University. My passion is working with others in visual storytelling, creating safe spaces in which to hold and photograph the stories we carry with us - and one day I plan to mix this with my counselling practice. I also run a growing retreat called (re)craft, where the focus is on recharging, refocusing & collaborating - in short, self-care for the creative - which is something Iā€™m so passionate about.

I love art. I am constantly in awe of the way art portrays itself, by the way art helps to heal, to move, to express the things that feel inexpressible. 

I am always amazed by the things we carry with us - our stories, everyday objects that can hold such meaning, how tiny pieces of photographic paper can be imprinted with so much memory - I love looking through my Nan's old photographs, and getting to know her when she was my age: hanging out in B.C. woods, sitting for a spell on mountains.  

I feel so lucky that I to get to work as a photographer in the Fraser Valley, telling stories, catching light, getting ridiculously giddy about wildflower fields - and I would love to photograph you.