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Autumn | Neighbourhood | Chilliwack Portrait Photographer

A sweet little photo shoot full of summer vibes - wandering around my neighbourhood with Autumn Mastin.

I have a Beauty Flash Sale running right now, too - until August 7th, book a short & sweet portrait session for $295, 5 digital files of your choice from a downloadable online gallery, and about 20-30 minutes in summer golden hour. Give me a shout to book - spots are limited!

Hope you’re all having a beautiful & revitalizing summer!


Hailey & the Tulips | Shiverz Designs | Chilliwack Tulip Fest

I’m home from a wonderful (re)craft retreat at Tullstarr! More on this soon, but for now,…

Over a month ago I went to the Chilliwack Tulip Festival at dawn, which is a great hour to shoot for photographers. I packed the experience - meeting up first to shoot a family session, and then finishing up the hour by shooting with Hailey Hanson and Siobhan from Shiverz Designs. It was INTENSE, but we did it!

It was so interesting to see so many varied photographers in one spot, all shooting different things, all politely avoiding each other (haha) and doing their thing. It really drove home for me the fact that all of us - every single photographer - will always look at the world through their own lens - and we’ll always shoot a bit different from one another - and that’s beautiful.

Here are just a few images from our morning, on what was possibly the brightest possible morning of the year. Not pictured: the epic pancake breakfast we had afterwards with Kristina Little and her crew.

Designer: Siobhan D’Souza | Shiverz Designs

Model: Hailey Hanson


Elizabeth | Chilliwack Portrait Photographer

This shoot was short & sweet, simple and super, super cold. I had found this really beautiful space I wanted to shoot in, and so I asked Elizabeth to meet up with me.

I feel like Elizabeth gives off some real Jo/Beth March vibes every time I shoot with her. We’ve done tons of shoots together in the past, including one of my favourite Trauma Roses installments. I like to think of these images as Jo March If She Were Casually Taking a Break From Her Novel to Hang Out on a Beach in the Middle of November.

Slightly different saturated edit on these, too - it’s nearing the end of winter and I need more colour in my life these days - how about you guys?

Model: Elizabeth Mary Seaman


Hannah | Chilliwack Portrait & Beauty Photographer

I love flowers, but forever & always, my favourite flowers will be the ones that come as the first signs that winter is over. I love the wildflowers & the weeds - and nothing makes me happier than seeing fields of happy yellow dandelions, buttercups, bluebells, and daisies. 

I also love these willow trees. They sit in a secret spot I visit sometimes, taking long drives to the river to listen to podcasts, or singing along as obnoxiously as possible to Adele albums, and you can go right underneath them, in this great big sea of dandelions, while the branches wave to and fro above in the wind. It's one of my favourite spots in Chilliwack. 

Here's just a little portrait session with Hannah, on an incredibly beautiful May day in our beautiful spring-filled city. 

Also: a quick little note to say that this is the last week to sign up for the 24 Hour Portrait Project, happening this June. AND I've added session spots open for Saturday June 2, and Thursday June 7th. June is one of my favourite months to shoot in - hit me up and let's make some magic together!