Hello 2019!

Here I am, on the first day of 2019 updating my blog I AM ON IT.

In 2018 my goal was to be more present in photographs, and I plan to do more of that this upcoming year. I also have more creative projects in the works, especially personal creative work, while I sort out my counselling practice as well. 2018 has been a year of such creativity, growth and change that I’ve been lucky enough to take much of December to just reflect on how I want to move forward with my business and counselling practice and what that might look like. So I guess my goal for 2019 is for more of that, but balanced with just a few more naps than last year.

In the meantime, I’m super excited to say that 2018, with all the creativity, the beauty, art-making, triumphs - and yes, even with the losses, was magical, powerful, and full of growth. It was everything I hoped it would be, and I’m ready for all the awesome stuff 2019 will bring.

Thanks for following along with me this past year, trusting me to photograph you, and making art with me.


This graphic of my face posted much bigger than expected, I’ll be honest.

This graphic of my face posted much bigger than expected, I’ll be honest.

November Updates!

Hey friends! 

I'm a fantastic photographer, but I'm a terrible blogger. 

Some of my December & January goals are to overhaul this website and do some much needing updating to the portfolios, galleries, and this section - but for now, I'm editing into the wee hours and planning beautiful shoots, and writing my thesis - all while holding an old, grumpy cat on my lap. 

I have SO MUCH to show you guys, and I'm really excited about all of it - you can see some of it on my Facebook page and my Instagram, which I update a lot more frequently! 

(Model pictured: Corissa VH)