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The 24 Hr Portrait Project | March 23-24 2018

{{ The 24 Hour Portrait Project }}

1 portrait, per hour, for 24 hours

Update: So excited to say this project is BOOKED! Thank you to everyone who reached out and felt as excited as I do about what we're doing! This shoot is also going to represent some amazing Chilliwack women, with women making up about 80% of our bookings. You can follow this project live on Instagram March 23-24, make sure to follow and stay tuned here and Facebook for further updates as they happen. 

If you're booked and confirmed (if you're on the list below) I'll be in touch closer to our shoot date with our exact time and meet up location, and any other planning details we need to solidify!


This project is not about getting the perfect head shot, or taking a full session worth of images, it's about capturing a little glimpse of the amazing people that make up our awesome space in the world.

The concept is simple: once an hour, for 24 hours, I'll be taking one portrait in Chilliwack, B.C. Each portrait will use: available space, may use available light or artificial light, and focus on documentary style portraiture. This project is open to everyone!

I'll also be drinking lots of coffee, with my awesome assistant Audra. 

You can follow the project on Instagram on March 23. 



March 23, starting at 7 a.m. - March 24, ending at 7 a.m. (sunrise to sunrise)



All over Chilliwack, B.C. When you sign up for your spot, please feel free to give us some background on what you think would work best for location. We have a long list of spaces we will be using, but will travel - and the more options we have the better! Locations are indoors & outdoors. 

*Do you own a business or studio you'd love to have in the background? Let me know!



A maximum of 4-5 images will be taken for each hour portrait, but only 1 portrait will be chosen.

1 portrait, per hour.

As a thank you for participating, those who sign up will receive 1 digital file of their project image.

Images will be posted online, with behind the scenes stories on Instagram and Facebook.

A nonrefundable retainer must be paid to hold your spot. The $25 retainer holds your spot only. 



Cost: $25. This books the session that takes place in that hour spot. Because the fee holds your spot in the project, it's nonrefundable, and must be paid upon booking. If you sleep past your 3 a.m session, you will not receive a portrait, and your spot will be forfeited to whoever is hanging out in a moody diner at 3 a.m. (um, probably me and Audra!). Bookings require a signed model release, and the booking fee paid - once you sign up, I'll be in touch with details about how to pay your $25 fee. 



Your portrait can be as fun and as quirky as you want it to be. I have dreams of posing someone in the middle of the street with a stack full of pancakes, and I don't even know why. FEEL FREE TO DO THIS. Or, just show up in what you're wearing. These portraits are little snapshots of you, in a small period of time - come as you are, or however you want to be.



Anyone under the age of 19 will require a parent or legal guardian to sign the contract, and be on site for the session.



Each session will be about 5-10 minutes, taken within the hour.

To sign up for this project, visit the 24 Hour Portrait Booking Form here!


Portrait Timeline


7 a.m. - Brenna

8 a.m. - Nina

9 a.m. - Valley Outdoors

10 a.m. - Mari

11 a.m. - Vanessa

12 p.m. - Mandy

1 p.m.  - Kelsey

2 p.m. - Callie

3 p.m. - Shelley

4 p.m. - Matt

5 p.m. -  Deanne

6 p.m. - Callum

7 p.m. - Hannah 

8 p.m. - Nicole

9 p.m. - Justine and Nicole

10 p.m. - April

11 p.m. - Georgia



12 a.m.  - Joanne

1 a.m. - Christie

2 a.m. - Amber

3 a.m. - Sheena

4 a.m. - Kate 

5 a.m. - Valerie & Jenn

6 a.m. - Krystal

7 a.m. - Coralee


2018, New Year New Website!


It felt time to do a big spring clean and relaunch this website, and I'm so ready for it - there are still some things I need to tweak (I know the galleries are huge! - I'm working on figuring those out for sure!) I'm constantly changing and growing as an artist, and I'm really excited to be able to update the portfolio with some of my more recent work, and current editing. I hope that they really highlight how much I love colour, candid moments, telling stories, and making portraits of rad people.

More updates to come over time, but first, this week I'll be working hard like a champ on my thesis. It's a huge project, but I'm so excited about all the different elements of it, especially because it's a photo essay. I've been doing a ton of reading for it, and I feel like my brain is full of so much inspiration - I really can't wait to get deeper into all of it. To do this, one thing I've decided to do is go away for a few days once a month for the next few months. Some space that's totally neutral, quiet, and hopefully tucked away in nature somewhere. I did this in January, and it was so helpful, so I'm going to continue this trend, and just keep writing away in the woods like I'm Bon Iver. 

Speaking of - I've slowly started to add more personal work to my portfolio, including an ongoing series called "Spaces I Called My Own", all about revisiting places I remember from when I was a kid, and photographing them through the presence of adulthood. It's on the back burner for now, but I'm excited to get back to work on it.

The project came from this yearning to revisit old familiar places, and recognizing that sort of melancholy feeling that came with realizing I didn't quite belong in them anymore. I've moved a fair amount throughout my life, and I tend to get an urge to travel once or twice every couple of years - almost always somewhere in Canada, almost always somewhere I've been before. Trips back would always include visiting places like my old street and school in Saskatoon, my neighbourhood in Thunder Bay, and even this summer, my old high school before it closed for good. It's really surreal heading back to these places - you feel the overwhelming tug of the past with your feet planted firmly in the present. 

I hope you all love this website refresh - once I get this chapter done for my thesis my next step will definitely be my packed and cluttered office.

For now, I'm going to head to bed with a podcast & tea! Email responses and invoices heading out late tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!