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Saying Hi!

Home base at my old elementary school playground

Home base at my old elementary school playground

I'm a terrible blogger, but life has been busy! I'm editing all the photos I took over the past month, some client work, some personal work as I figure out what I'm going to do for my thesis. A year ago I felt like I had a really solid plan, and then a year passes, new experiences happen, things shift, and voila - 5 or 6 other ideas come crowding in. What I'm REALLY interested in is communication - the way we tell our stories to others - and so I'll keep walking down that road for awhile, exploring my own story as I go. Maybe one day I'll even share some of the images I took in Thunder Bay, - the ones I took for me - here.

I also had some mild surgery as soon as I got back from my trip, so as I write this I'm still recovering - it's meant a lot of shows (I'm binge-watching Modern Family & Forensic Files), falling in love with Kesha's new album, and even finding time to read - I'm reading a series by Dan Simmons called "A Winter Haunting", and so far it's great. This has also been some good time to just reconnect with my thesis ideas and actually settle into the fact that it's my last year of university (and maybe my thesis is my last paper ever?!?)  

I hope all of you have had a wonderful start to July!  I delivered three galleries last night and have a few more to edit through, so if you're waiting - they're coming soon! I have a couple of spots left in July, but am otherwise booking into August and September - and I would love to photograph you! Head to the Get In Touch page to drop me a line!

Happy summer everyone!