A halfheartedly updated record of all the things that make my heart sing + a celebration to all the rad people I get to create with

That's when the rains came

Um, hello rain! This weekend has been so cozy for me, holed away in my little office, editing, working on projects, and realizing I haven't watered my windowsill cacti for like a month. I hope you all have been staying dry, and safe, with piles of books and tea (maybe some of New Moon Tea Co's?) 

Here's an image from a recent shoot I did for Kilnhouse Studio, featuring some of my new mugs from her. The Swan one is my new all time fav. 

I've done a few updates around the site: added a new gallery, and looked at my submission contact form. It *seems* to be working, and tests are going through - but I've added a little blurb there just in case to let people know that I answer everything in 48 hours. I'm also looking into a contact form like the one I had on my old Wordpress site eventually - it logged all the entries in two places, so if I didn't receive an email I knew right away. Hopefully I can find something similar to SquareSpace!

Stay cozy, friends!


PS: If you're looking for a few cozy books to read during this storm, might I suggest: Watership Down, The October Daye series by Seanan Mcguire, or Stephen King's "It"?