That's when the rains came

Um, hello rain! This weekend has been so cozy for me, holed away in my little office, editing, working on projects, and realizing I haven't watered my windowsill cacti for like a month. I hope you all have been staying dry, and safe, with piles of books and tea (maybe some of New Moon Tea Co's?) 

Here's an image from a recent shoot I did for Kilnhouse Studio, featuring some of my new mugs from her. The Swan one is my new all time fav. 

I've done a few updates around the site: added a new gallery, and looked at my submission contact form. It *seems* to be working, and tests are going through - but I've added a little blurb there just in case to let people know that I answer everything in 48 hours. I'm also looking into a contact form like the one I had on my old Wordpress site eventually - it logged all the entries in two places, so if I didn't receive an email I knew right away. Hopefully I can find something similar to SquareSpace!

Stay cozy, friends!


PS: If you're looking for a few cozy books to read during this storm, might I suggest: Watership Down, The October Daye series by Seanan Mcguire, or Stephen King's "It"?