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Hannah | Chilliwack Portrait & Beauty Photographer

I love flowers, but forever & always, my favourite flowers will be the ones that come as the first signs that winter is over. I love the wildflowers & the weeds - and nothing makes me happier than seeing fields of happy yellow dandelions, buttercups, bluebells, and daisies. 

I also love these willow trees. They sit in a secret spot I visit sometimes, taking long drives to the river to listen to podcasts, or singing along as obnoxiously as possible to Adele albums, and you can go right underneath them, in this great big sea of dandelions, while the branches wave to and fro above in the wind. It's one of my favourite spots in Chilliwack. 

Here's just a little portrait session with Hannah, on an incredibly beautiful May day in our beautiful spring-filled city. 

Also: a quick little note to say that this is the last week to sign up for the 24 Hour Portrait Project, happening this June. AND I've added session spots open for Saturday June 2, and Thursday June 7th. June is one of my favourite months to shoot in - hit me up and let's make some magic together!