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Regina! | Chilliwack Photographer

My June and July are basically a blur. I finished school at the beginning of June, after a really intense semester that included my comprehensive exams (basically being interviewed by a panel of instructors, including discussing a staged counselling session I did - just mild hyperventilating).  All went well though, and after my exams I wrapped up two courses, and somehow pulled 2 (TWO!) extra semester end papers out of my essay-exhausted self. I needed a huge break, so I packed my bags, hopped in a car with my pal Brittany, and we drove to Fort St. John via Jasper, saw some goats, listened to Sinatra, and dodged bears in northern BC forests. It was wonderful. 

I came back here, and 9 days later headed out on another road trip with my Mama, this time to Saskatchewan to see my cousins who live in Regina. I also have this idea for my thesis, so the plan was to go to Saskatoon (where I lived as a kid) to see my old neighbourhood, school, and home and see if there was anything I could use from there.  Our trip consisted of going to all the available parks in Regina with a small toddler who LIVES FOR SWINGS, a visit out to my Uncle Steve's farm, and me trying hot pot for the first time and now planning to live off hot pot from now until the end of time. 

Our trip from Regina to Saskatoon was great - I haven't gone that route since 2003, and had completely forgotten about this great ice cream place that we used to stop at when driving back as a kid - called Twisted Sister, it's off the highway in a tiny, tiny prairie town. We also stopped at Frank Slide, Ernfold for a rest in a meadow, North Battleford to visit my friend Bonnie from elementary school, and Stony Plain at my friend Melissa (of Appletree Photography!)'s house after driving through funnel clouds and thunderstorms on the highway. (I miss prairie storms so much!)

Here are a few photos from that road trip, including photos of my cousin's adorable daughter Isabel.