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24 Hour Portrait Project: THIS JUNE!



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Hi friends! 

I am so excited to announce another installment of The 24 Hour Portrait Project THIS June 22 and June 23! We learned SO MUCH from our first run, and are excited to implement changes to this next project to make it even better! 

It was amazing and magical creating & connecting with our community during this project - every person we met and had the chance to photograph made this fun - especially throughout the night which (no surprise!) we had a tougher time with. While we learned a) not to take naps in the cab of the truck because we won't want to get out of the truck after, and b) not to leave ginormous gaps in our shooting schedule because those are the worst, oh, and c) Sarah, a light hoodie is a poor choice for outdoor night shooting,  the people we created with absolutely revitalized us and kept us going! I was so tired coming home from the project, but my heart was full with the art we'd made and the people we made it with! 

We can't wait to make this next go even better than our last! 

In March, we used a one light set up with a speedlite and trigger, bouncing off of a reflector / walls. If you've shot with me before, you'll know that natural light is kind of my jam, and I tend to avoid artificial lighting. Using more of a set up during this last round was a challenge I set for myself, and while I think we did great, I think we can do even better with a two light set up in June.

The one speedlite was especially problematic when we shot at night - it was a lot of darkness, and so hard to see WHERE we were shooting, which meant the outside night time images look like they all might have been taken down the same gravel  road. Our plan for this is to work with more indoor spaces that might be willing to stay open for us at night, and to use our two light system to better light our environment as we shoot. (Psst: if you know of a place that may welcome shooting at night, please put us in touch with them!) 

Before and after lighting: Image one is natural lighting in the apartment, image two is with one speedlite.

Before and after lighting: Image one is natural lighting in the apartment, image two is with one speedlite.

A few changes: along with our lighting and choice of night locations for shooting, we've also changed the sign up process and the participation fee - this is so we keep the project as inclusive as possible, and so we can do even more with the project after it's been completed. 

 To this end, we'll be switching from our first come first serve sign up, to an application from which we'll hand pick the final participants. This is so we can make sure everyone has a chance to sign up, and have their voices heard as members of our amazing community! Please don't let this deter you - we encourage anyone & everyone to apply! - and on June 3, we will pick the  24 participants, with a focus on diversity. Nonrefundable payment is then due within 24 hours, or your spot will be given to the next in line. There are 20 paid spots available, and 4 spots that we will be holding on to for members of our community whose voices we want to create room for. If you're a first responder, we would love to hear from you - and we have a couple spots available (fee waived) specifically for first responders. We also will be running a contest where you can WIN a spot - stay tuned for news on that in the next couple weeks! 

Payment is $75 per spot, and works as an event ticket only. As a thank you for participating, you will get a digital copy of the image chosen of you for the project at some point when the project has been completed!

After we've shot our June project, we'll be looking at ways to present all of the images to our community, and we will keep you all in the loop!

So excited to do this again, Chilliwack!

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