24 Hr Portrait Project

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apply to the project | september 28 & 29 round

The 24 Hr Portrait Project means taking portraits of rad people, every hour, for 24 hours - getting a small glimpse of Chilliwack, B.C. 

Updated Format: We have tweaked the 24 hour process - we will now be doing 2 12-hour days back to back (Friday and Saturday). While I love doing the 24 hour run, I think the 2 12 hour days will allow us to do so much more! 

Connection: Part of the reason I decided to start this project is because I kept seeing and hearing cyclical conversations that were beginning and ending with problems. As a therapist, and artist passionate about my community, I fully believe that there is healing in CONNECTION and COMMUNITY - and this project very much reflects that. I LOVE meeting with everyone during the project, and I definitely feel the support from the people following along throughout the project day. Yes, there are issues, heartache, and hardship in our city - but I absolutely believe that working together with empathy, love, and support can bring positive change. Let's highlight and connect with what an amazing group of people we have living in our beautiful city, and come together to create art this September! 

Portraits: Portraits are not set up like traditional head shots/SSP portrait sessions - we want to see the space you're in! A selection of images will be chosen and presented along with part of your write up (included in submission) - all in attempt to tell a small story about YOU, and why you love this amazing community we live in. 

Fees$75 | The $75 is due upon being accepted into the project, and will hold your spot in the project as well. The fee works as an event ticket, allowing you to participate in the project only (it includes one complementary thank you file) and helps fund the project. Once paid, fees are nonrefundable, and will not be returned in the event the participant cancels prior to the project. Fees are not returned for no-shows. Should the project be cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, fees will be refunded in full, or if applicable, applied to a new project date. 

Everyone is welcome to apply for this project! Please fill out the form below, and in August we will get back in touch with the final list of participants. Once accepted, payment is due within 24 hours to hold your spot. If unpaid, your spot will be given to next in line. 

Files: Your final images will be uploaded to a gallery where you can choose 1 thank you digital file from the series taken of you and/or your business. Additional files from the gallery can be purchased at a la carte if desired. 

Location and Time: Location and time will be given to participant - please allow time within the full hour assigned to you - your shoot will be about 10-20 minutes. Images will be taken documentary style. Please let us know if you have an awesome space we can make use of for the project!

Story: Feel free to include your story, a little bit about yourself - whatever you'd like! The story you fill out will be used as part of your caption with your images. We want to get to know you, and this will help us in determining the final 24 participants! 

Final Format: While we are still settling on final presentation, a selection of images from all 3 rounds will be published in Raspberry Magazine, a local Fraser Valley arts and culture magazine. We are over the moon excited about this! 

Final Delivery: I will email you as galleries become available! Images are all edited "live" during the project with mobile, and then re-edited professionally following the project. 

Follow the day of on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK - check out behind the scenes for interviews with businesses, people, and adventures!

Sign up is open! Do you have a business you would like to highlight, or an event we can try during the project? Give us a shout - this past round in June we got tattoos, went dragonboating, hiking, and hung out with pirates & ice cream - please get in touch with us if you have something fun for us to do during the project! 


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