the 24 hour portrait project! June 22-23

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The 24 Hr Portrait Project means taking one portrait, per hour, for 24 hours - getting a small glimpse of Chilliwack, B.C. 

Only 1 image will be posted for the project. Portraits are candid, or somewhat posed - but the focus is on documentary style, so not like a more traditional headshot. Each shoot is 5-20 minutes in length. 

Fees:  A nonrefundable $75 participation fee/retainer is required to hold your spot for the project. This retainer is for your spot only, in the event of cancellation or a no show, the retainer will not be returned, and your spot will be filled by someone else. This retainer will work as a "ticket", and allow you to participate in the project only. This $75 fee will fund the project, allow us to rent better lighting and equipment, and be used towards the final installation of the project. 

Everyone is welcome to apply for this project! Please fill out the form below, and in June, we will be hand selecting to give the truest glimpse of Chilliwack’s amazing, diverse community. Payment is due within 24 hours after being chosen, after 24 hours the spot will go to next in line. 

Files: As a thank you for participating in the project, you will receive 1 digital file of the chosen image from the project via email, at some point after the overall project's completion.

Location and Time: Location and time will be given to participant - please allow time within the full hour assigned to you. Images will be done documentary style, and will also make use of low light. The focus is on making creative portraits from the space available - if you have an awesome available space (especially one we have access to at night!) please include this in your sign up!

What is happening with the images from March? The March images will be joined with the images taken in June, edited, and we will be deciding on a final way to present all of them together as a 48 hour glimpse of our community. Once the overall project is complete and presented, we'll be sending out the thank you digital files to participants. We'll keep you all posted!

Story: Feel free to include your story, a little bit about yourself - whatever you'd like! The story you fill out may be used for your caption in the project. We want to get to know you, and this will help us in determining the final 24 participants! 

Sign up is open from May 15-June 2, and final participants will be chosen June 3. 

More information and a short reflection of our experience in March in this blog post!

fill out the form below to apply! we will be hand selecting to give the truest glimpse of Chilliwack’s diverse community june 3, 2018

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