Cozy Rainy Day Finnish Pancakes | Chilliwack Photographer

This recipe is straight from one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever known, Mama Pirkko, who would whip up a batch of Finnish pancakes in the morning after sleepovers at my best friend Melissa’s house. Basically we needed sustenance after marathon bouts of Super Mario Bros. 3, Dream Phone and dreaming about our future husband, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. If you’re ever in Thunder Bay, head to the Hoito – it looks like a dimly lit church basement, has barely changed decor since it opened, and is always jam-packed with people requiring pancakes to live, but it’s a Northwestern Ontario Finnish landmark and serves the closest thing available to Mama’s pancakes. The pancakes that you’re about to make, from the recipe below, are best served with all the butter available in the Fraser Valley, with bacon wrapped inside, syrup, and viewings of The Goonies in your pajamas during dismal rainy days.

You will need –
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt

That’s it! This is a great recipe because it kind of hits in the middle – it’s easy enough for someone like me who once set rice on fire, to make, but delicious enough for people who love good food and cooking to whip up in minutes. Add all the above ingredients into a bowl, heat up a pan with butter, and then begin frying up each individual pancake. They should be thin (like crepes), and each individual pancake shouldn’t take very long. This recipe usually makes about 3-5 pancakes, so just double or triple the recipe for more. My adorable measuring cup is courtesy of Kilnhouse Studio, who makes pretty things that substitute for measuring cups when you forget to do dishes.