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Ever After Princess Party Events | Chilliwack Princess Photographer

Who is your favourite princess? I've always been really partial to Ariel. I was that kid who would push myself out of the water at the side of the pool, and flip back my gorgeous blonde mullet, likely spraying everyone around me with water, thinking that I looked exactly like Ariel. AND THEN I WOULD SING. I saw the movie when I was 7, after getting my ears pierced for the first time, with my cousins, and despite her evilness, have always held a soft spot in my heart for the fabulousness of Ursula. This is partly why I was SO excited when Emily and Pauline added The Little Mermaid to their list of available princesses - my 7 year old heart was feeling pretty happy. 

If you want to feel a little verklempt, I would fully suggest watching a kid's face when they meet a princess. I've been lucky enough to work with Ever After Princess Party Events a few times now, and seeing the excitement and occasionally overwhelming joy on a child's face when they meet Cinderella doesn't get old. 

This past spring I was able to do some promotional photography of all of the Princesses, and here are a few of my favourite images from that session. 

If  you'd like to book a princess for your child's birthday party, or for an event, Ever After Princess Party Events is run out of Chilliwack by two truly fabulous people. Get in touch with them for rates, questions, or to book.