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"Body Out of Bounds" | Collaboration with artist Kate Fairley

"Body out of Bounds” is a black and white portrait featuring a woman surrounded by the black skeletons of trees that form a cage in the background. Her white clothing fades into the bleached sky, veiling the shape of her figure. She grips her wrist with her hand and drags herself up off of the snow-covered ground. While she has found a way to lift herself up, many of her fellow women are still trapped on their knees, pleading with the universe to help them stand.This image captures the look of amazement and disbelief that the woman feels when she has succeeded in escaping her captivity.

She surveys the world from a new perspective and feels empowered by what she sees: a place in which she can be free.

But as we often feel in life, she is overwhelmed by the possibilities and chooses to remain frozen in place, her wrist caught in her grasp, and her last tie to captivity still present. The journey has exhausted her, and her colour has faded. By freeing herself, she has fundamentally changed from the woman she used to be.

The question is: was the change for the better?

The creation of this image was a collaboration between Sarah Sovereign Photography and model Kate Fairley.


I'm so excited to share this image created with Kate this past winter! Kate came to me last Autumn with a concept, hoping to shoot over Christmas. I, unfortunately, was super sick over Christmas with just about everything going around Chilliwack, so we had to cancel our shoot, and she went back to school out of town. 

However, after our February snowstorm shenanigans, Kate got stuck in Chilliwack a couple extra days, and we were able to finally get together and make this shoot happen! 

Here are a few extra images from our shoot that we chose not to use for the artist statement. You can check out Kate's photography work here

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