Portrait Contract



Copyright: I acknowledge that images created by Sarah Sovereign Photography remain copyright and property of Sarah Sovereign Photography. Images may not be edited or altered by CLIENT, including via filters or through apps, and digital files are released to the CLIENT for personal use only. Written permission from Sarah Sovereign Photography must be obtained prior to any sales, publications or contest entries made with the images. Sharing the images on social media is ok, but must include a credit to Sarah Sovereign Photography (Facebook.com/sarahisovereign, @sarahsovereign on Instagram and Twitter, www.sarahsovereign.com) .

Retainers: Retainers are taken to hold the time and date of the session. As Sarah Sovereign Photography blocks off that session spot time exclusively for CLIENT, I understand that retainers are not returned in the event of a cancellation. Sessions are also not guaranteed until the retainer is paid, and some services (hair and makeup, floral crowns) may be unavailable without full payment. In the event of cancellation, or complications regarding your session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Sovereign Photography to work out a solution (especially if someone is feeling under the weather!).

Payment:I understand that full payment is required at the start of the session, unless otherwise arranged, and that late payments will be billed at $50/day if previous arrangements with Sarah Sovereign Photography have not been agreed upon. Sneak peeks will not be shown online until full payment has been made, any previous payments will be applied to the unpaid session fee, and files from unpaid sessions will be deleted after 30 days, unedited. Additional fees may apply for: more than 2 pets, extensive edits, added people, travel and returned payments (bounced cheques, etc). After 30 days, if full payment has not been made, or a payment plan payment has been missed without explanation or contact, session files will be deleted without notice. Typically, sessions are shot and kept backed up on the original card until final payment has been made and the session has been delivered. In the event of non-payment, while care and backup precautions are taken, these cards will be cleared before delivery is completed, without notice. After 30 days without full payment, unless an agreement has been made, all session files will be deleted, without notice.

Model Release: I grant unrestricted, irrevocable permission to Sarah Sovereign Photography to use, display, publish, print and exhibit images and/or video taken of me, or of a minor of whom I am a parent/legal guardian. Permission may include, but is not is limited to, photographic competitions, the Internet, mixed media artworks, advertisement/marketing, stock imagery and art gallery exhibitions. I release all claims to any profits that may arise from these endeavours, and hereby release Sarah Sovereign Photography and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability in relation to said photographs/video/works.

Reshoots & Tardiness: I understand that requested reshoots due to factors outside of Sarah Sovereign Photography’s control (including but not limited to: appearance, outfits, behaviour, tardiness) will be billed at regular photography rates as a new session. Late arrivals will not extend the session time, and at 10 minutes past the session start time, if contact has not been made, Sarah Sovereign Photography will leave and the retainer will not be returned. For this reason, Sarah Sovereign Photography is not responsible for the limited amount of gallery images produced via shortened session times.

Liability: Sarah Sovereign Photography takes the utmost care with all files, but in the event of loss or damage outside of her control (including but not limited to: card / camera / hard drive malfunction, fire, theft), I agree Sarah Sovereign Photography will only be liable for refunding the price of the overall session or providing a reshoot.  

Safety: I understand that sessions may end early or not occur due to safety concerns, such as - but not limited to - verbal threats, physical harm, risky behaviours, and/or intoxication. In the event of any of the above behaviours, Sarah Sovereign Photography reserves the right to end the session without notice or explanation.

Archived Images: Once images are delivered to the client, images are archived. A $100 unarchiving fee will be charged for re-delivering files after 30 days, per retrieval. Images are archived for a limited amount of time, and may not be available. I acknowledge that it is CLIENT's responsibility to back up all files, and Sarah Sovereign Photography is not responsible for files after they have been delivered. (Online backups like BackBlaze.com or Dropbox, as well as a USB placed in a fireproof safe are recommended.) 

Editing: Editing includes image processing for tone, colour, exposure, sharpness and grain. Extensive edits may be available at an additional charge, dependent upon request - blemish removal, airbrushing, etc, are all considered extensive edits. Editing can take up to 6-8 weeks – in the event that editing should take longer, Sarah Sovereign Photography will be in touch as soon as possible. Rush orders may be available for additional fees. 

The Photographer (Sarah Sovereign) and licensees or assignees may have unrestricted use of these for whatever purpose, including advertising, with any retouching or alteration without restriction.

I have read this portrait contract form carefully and fully understand its meanings and implications.

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