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This is a developing photography project, and currently accepting applicants on a volunteer basis. In order to participate in the project, you must sign a model release. 

At this time, I'm looking for people who have old, plug-in phones that we can use for props. The older the better, but anything that is traditionally stationary and kept at home works. Any phones used will be used gently, and returned to their owners after the shoot. 

Shooting for this project is tentatively scheduled from June-August, but will likely happen sporadically over the next year or so. Anyone can sign up for this project - minors will need a parent/guardian to sign a model release and be on site for shoot. Everyone is welcome, however, not everyone who signs up will be able to participate, as spots are limited. You'll be contacted regardless as the project progresses though - if you sign up through this form, I'll be in touch this summer as I slowly start working on this series.

Sign up is for participation only, participants will not receive digital files or prints from the images, however I will send a watermarked, web size image of your final photo once the project is complete and published. 

Stay tuned, more information about the project to come!

fill out this form, and i'll get back in touch with details.

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