may 24, 25, 26 (fri-sun) at a luxury ranch in Trapp lake, b.c.


Hi, I’m Sarah - let’s create some magic together.

The first CRRF happened in May of 2016 as a 12 hour day trip out to Merritt - this next installment is even more ambitious.

CRRF wholeheartedly embraces the need to recharge, refocus, and reconnect with our creative selves.In 2016, I was burned out, feeling resentful, and hating everything I was shooting. I needed to create something outside of the landscape of the familiar & business mindset - I needed to create something that connected with the part of my spirit that urged me to pick up a camera in the first place. My art practice also thrives on collaboration - I love when people come together in the spirit of art-making - and so, with these two guiding principles in my heart, the CRRF was born.

In this 2nd round, I really hope to make a space where people can create - while also feeling welcome to meditate, nap, or chill on their bed reading a beat up paperback novel. The goal isn’t volume of work, it’s quality of creative self-care. My hope is that whatever you create in this space is something wonderful, meaningful, and full of vibrant energy that follows you as you continue to create back at home.

Thanks for collaborating with me,


The Creative Recharge & Refocusing Festival (CRRF) is a space to make + explore the art that sets our hearts on fire. Based on collaboration + photography, the festival invites a mix of creatives out into the wilderness for a spell to recharge & reconnect with what they love about creating.

The weekend allows for unstructured, flexible shooting & creating. Attendees are encouraged to take needed time to sit with nature, journal, nap, invited to morning guided meditation, talk with other artists (maybe around an evening fire?) and also create together.

Where: The Festival will be happening Friday-Sunday at TULLSTARR in Trapp Lake, B.C.: . TULLSTARR is $20/night, which goes directly to the owner who has generously allowed us to make use of their space.

Fees: TULLSTARR is $20 a night per person. Everyone who attends the Festival is expected to contribute to gas (if carpooling) + food. Other than this, CRRF is a money-free space.

Copyright & Collaboration: Photographers will retain the copyright & ownership of any images they take during the Festival. However, one of the guiding principles of the Festival is to engage in an art-making process with other creatives collaboratively. To this end, photographers are expected to share culled, edited images from shoots with participants to use on social media, in portfolios, and via marketing. Any participants are expected to, when sharing images from photographers, tag & credit appropriately. It’s strongly encouraged for participants + photographers to be open with each other about this process, editing timelines, & expectations (both for sharing and crediting, et al) prior to the shoot.

Skill Sets: At this time (April 2019) the CRRF will include photographers, a PA/filmmaker, models, MUAH’s, and a florist.

Model Release: Everyone who comes to the Festival has the potential to be photographed - in fact, it’s encouraged. There will be a Model Release included in the guide sent out prior to the Festival to fill out.

Sounds good - I’m in! What next?: Fill out the form below before April 15th, 2019 to be eligible to come to the Festival, and pay your amenities fee via etransfer to immediately. The $20 per night per person goes directly to the Ranch owner, and is nonrefundable as it also reserves your seat for those days at the Festival. Anyone who hasn’t paid by the 15th will forfeit their space at the retreat, so if you’re having some challenges with payment/scheduling please get in touch with me right away!

& Also: Once sign up is confirmed and fees are paid, I’ll be creating a grid & guide that shows who is attending, how to prepare, and a “relaxed outline” of events, discussions, and any pre-planned collaborations happening during the weekend. If you can arrange your own carpools within the Facebook group, that would be great - but please let me know if you need help arranging a ride. I’ll post in the group a list of who needs a ride, so be sure to include that in your sign up.

Dietary Needs & Specialty Items: We will all be chipping in for groceries, but please feel free to bring your own desired snacks & drinks, and let us know if there are any special dietary needs (or anything else) we should be aware of (include in sign up if possible).

Join this group for up to the minute details on the Festival:

Thank you so much everyone! So excited to create + collaborate with you all!

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