You're Awesome Session Giveaway


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Oh hi there! 

If you're here, it's because you've had a session with Sarah Sovereign Photography, or Jennifer Foik Photography between February 5 & (extended!) November 1st, 2018. Simply fill out the form below to nominate your person/people for this giveaway! 

About the Session:


Be sure to like Sarah Sovereign Photography and Jennifer Foik Photography - we're running a giveaway from February 5 to November 1, 2018!

We're trying something a little different!

Here’s how it works:

When you book a full session with us any time between February 5-November 1, 2018 you get to nominate one person or family who deserves a free session from us. Tell us why you chose this person/family, and what makes them awesome!

An image from YOUR shoot plus your write up will be entered into our You’re Awesome Giveaway Facebook album and we want others to share encouragement via comments to anyone nominated! Every positive, uplifting comment on the picture/about the person you nominated will count as an extra entry in the contest (Only 1 comment counts per person, but feel free to share the love as many times as you want!)

The drawing will be on November 2, 2018! There are two sessions up for grabs, one with Jennifer Foik Photography, and one with Sarah Sovereign Photography (but hey! We’re going to shoot each winner’s session together!)

Here are the fine details:

- To nominate someone, you must book and complete your session prior to November 1, 2018 (Bookings with Sarah Sovereign Photography or Jennifer Foik Photography will count).

- Winner's session must take place in Chilliwack.

- Final prize is one session, 25 digital files of their choice from a downloadable gallery. Limit of 5 people.

fill out this form to nominate your person. the details will be added eventually to an album on our facebook pages!

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