(re)craft retreat is a space made for recharging, refocusing, reconnecting - collaborating + artmaking with a group of fellow creatives.

Recently, the first (re)craft retreat was held at Tullstarr Ranch, where a group of women gathered to make art together, making space to engage with the creative process. The goal of (re)craft was to move beyond the “shooting destination” or the resulting work - but to engage in the raw creative process in a safe & supported space, exploring the call to work on that which sets our hearts on fire.

Follow recraft on Instagram and Facebook for news on upcoming retreats & workshops. One is being planned for AUGUST - but still in the developing stages. Stay up to date for when spots become available.

(re)craft consists of 1 longer 2-3 day retreat and a series of small-batch day workshops & events, all focused on the creative community + mental health.