Hi, I'm Sarah.

I love storytelling. I love laughing at ridiculous things and making (really bad) jokes. I love coffee, colour and the first day of summer. I'm married to a pretty wonderful guy named Jamie. We live in an apartment in Chilliwack covered in knick-knacks, with our old, crabby, orange cat Jax.

I am constantly in awe of the way art portrays itself, by the way art helps to heal, to move, to express the things that feel inexpressible. 

I am always amazed by the things we carry with us: our stories, everyday objects that can hold such meaning, how tiny pieces of photographic paper can be imprinted with so much memory - I love looking through my Nan's old photographs, and getting to know her when she was my age: rocking pants in the 30s, hanging out in B.C. woods, sitting for a spell on mountains.  

I feel so lucky that I to get to work as a photographer in the Fraser Valley, telling stories, catching light, getting ridiculously giddy about wildflower fields - and I would love to photograph you.